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Yummy Shake Recipes

The Isagenix Shakes are easy to make!  All you need is water!

Yummy Shake  =  Two scoops chocolate or vanilla shake + half cup water + 2 to 5 ice cubes.  Adjust amount of water to consistency of shake you prefer.  Blend in a small blender (the IsaBlender is perfect for this).

You can add fresh fruit such as half a banana, a handful of fresh or frozen raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, or whatever your favorite fruit is, and blend.

An easy fruit to add is the IsaFruits.  You can also add the Want More Energy Powder to the shakes to add some electrolytes and give it a yummy flavor, for example the Orange Want More Energy to the Vanilla Shake gives you a creamsicle.

To add some additional fiber add ground flax seeds or hemp seeds, available through your Isagenix page or at Stonington Natural Health Center.

Being creative, you'll be able to make some fun shakes.  For my son, we sometimes add organic chocolate syrup to make it even more chocolatey.  My personal favorite is the Mars Venus Shake, with nothing added but water and ice!

Try having a half to a whole shake before going to a cocktail or dinner party to give your body some good vitamins and minerals and less cravings for things that aren't so good for you.

Be creative and let us know what combinations you love.


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