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Cleo De Oliveira, Licensed Massage Therapist, has recently moved to Stonington, and we are so excited that she has joined our team.  Extremely talented with overpouring positive feedback, it is time for you to experience her massage talent.  


Talented in Customized and Deep Tissue Massage, Naomi found Cleo and is excited that Cleo is here, too!  

A brief description of just a few of the many techniques she may use as well as services provided are

  • Swedish massage -- A combination of gliding and kneading strokes to release overall muscular stress and physical tension, to enhance healing and overall function of the body.

  • Deep Tissue -- Ease persistent muscle discomfort.  Target deep layers of muscle tendons and fascia. Release discomfort, aches, and tension.

  • Cupping -- Soft silicone cups are placed on areas of the skin to create suction that decompresses muscle and connective tissue.  Promotes fresh blood flow to the compromised area enhancing healing.

  • Hot Stone Massage -- Heated stones provide health and healing benefits, soothe muscles, restore balance to the central nervous system, and relax tight muscles. 

Cleo's passion and pride is her work and helping you stay well, get well, and feel better in body and mind.

P.S.  At SNHC, we care about you.  Dr. Marco and I work as a team.  Massage is beneficial for everyone as well as on acupuncturist visits!

Make your appointment with Naomi. She looks forward to meeting and helping you.  Call 860-536-3880 or book right here:

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