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Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Unique to Hot Stone massage, Himalayan salt stones are warmed salt crystal stones that contain around 84 natural minerals that may help soothe away stress, muscle tension and promote an increased sense of wellbeing, improve sleep and promote balance to the nervous system.

In addition, the natural salts gently exfoliate the skin, leaving the body feeling silky soft.


During the blissful 75 minutes massage, salt stones are applied with light pressure allowing the body to absorb these trace minerals using a combination of gliding strokes and circular motions.

A high-quality Jojoba oil is also used providing smooth seamless strokes and glides throughout the body. Leaving skin hydrated and drenched in Vit B, E and F, zinc and copper. Stabilize energy, Restore and Relax. 



Naomi G. LMT 

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