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Chinese Herbal Medicine


Chinese Herbal Formulas

Chinese herbal formulas are a committee of herbs that work together.  Chinese Herbal Formulas are tablets or tinctures, which makes them easy to take them.  You can also grind up the tablets and mix them in applesauce, yogurt, juice, or in hot water to make a tea.

We carry best quality lines from, Golden Flower, Seven Forests, Pharmax Puresynergy, Microbiome Labs & more. 

For recommendations and to find the right herbs for you please set up an appointment for a phone Herbal Consultation or an in-person Herbal Consultation here at the Center.

Megan Marco studied in Nanjing, China with the renowned Dr. Huang Huang in 2007.  Dr. Huang's profound knowledge and generosity in sharing these jewels of wisdom were gifts given to her that she is now able to share with her patients to help them even more.  She is now able to determine a person's Herb Type, which allows a more accurate prescribing of their herbal formula.  Dr. Huang resurfaced this information from the classical Chinese text The Yellow Emperor's Classic.

Having been trained by numerous Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians, Megan Marco, D.Ac., L.Ac. is knowledgeable in nutrition and vitamins.   She stocks high quality, bioavailable, absorbable multivitamins, supplements, and blue-green algae-rich energy bars.  You can make an appointment for nutritional counseling or have this as a part of your Acupuncture treatment. 

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