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Chinese Medicine


Dr. Huang Huang and his star pupils at each end, Dr. Megan Marco, Acupuncturist Michael Max who organized the trip, and Translator and Acupuncturist Andrea Elliott.

Offered by Megan Marco, LAc (CT), DAc (RI). Dr. Marco is trained in Classical Formulas by Dr. Huang Huang of Nanjing, China.  The Classic Formulas are the ancient way of prescribing, from The Yellow Emperor's Classic, by determining a person's Herb Type.  The Herb Type is the herb that must be in the constitutional formula in order for the person to be in balance, so the herbal formula is chosen after the person's Herb Type is determined.

What's my Herb Type?

All formulas are individually created or chosen to meet the patient's needs.  We use excellent quality herbs, organic whenever possible.

  • Chinese herbal patents (pills)

  • Brands such as Seven Forests, Golden Flower, White Tiger, Kan, Herbal Times, D'AO, China Herb Company, Oriental Herb Company

  • Chinese oils, liniments, and plasters

  • Vitamin Supplements from Pure Synergy, Pharmax, and Genestra

  • MegaSpore Probiotic by Microbiome

    Click here for full list of Seven Forests Herbal Formulas that we carry or can special order for you.

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