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Health Day

Foot Detox & Microscopy

June 23rd, July 21st, August 18th, September 22nd,
October 13th, November 17th

Detox Footbaths

Detox Footbath.jpg

Detox Footbaths facilitate the body’s natural homeostasis, and helps in its detoxification processes. Air pollution, food preservatives, carcinogens, and the cleaning products we use all accumulate in the body. Individually, they might not have a great effect, but collectively these toxins cause health problems, lack of energy, and a general lack of well-being. 

Detox Footbaths positively ionize the bathwater neutralizing the negatively charged toxins in the body, which are expelled via the pores located on your feet. Regular ionic footbaths enhance your immune system, help your body recover faster from injuries and surgeries, and relieve pain and joint stiffness. Only $50


Learn about your health under a high definition microscope. See the characteristics of your red and white blood cells. The shape, speed and color plays a role in your overall health. 

An individualized health education session with Debbie Perry, RD. Only $50

Hosted by Deborah Perry, RD
@ Stonington Natural Health Center

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