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For over three decades, Marlisa has worked as an integrative health professional in the United States and Iceland. Initially studied Reiki then became certified in yoga instruction, her interest in the healing benefits of energy brought her to the study and application of CranioSacral therapy.

This work naturally led to the development of “Energy Alignment,” a personalized
approach to healing. Her most recent certifications in Biofield Tuning and Sound Therapy use tuning forks and incorporate crystal bowls, gongs, enchanting chimes, and other therapeutic sound-inducing tools to support and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal.

Her life experiences with loss, combined with the professional application of her energy and healing studies led to the composition of her book manuscript, Vibrant Grieving ~ Coping with Loss without Depleting Your Health.

Marlisa co-produces and hosts two SEC-TV public service television shows:, Health Buzz- Perspectives on Natural Health and Healing; and Sound Meditation Moments with Marlisa. Her podcast production includes: Bring Joy Forward: Vibrant Grieving and Energy Amplified! at

Marlisa would love to meet you!

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She is delighted to be a welcomed part of the SNHC team and is here to fully support your journey!


Basic Biofield Tuning® Session
A simple, non-invasive, and efficient sound therapy method using tuning forks to help restore
physical, emotional, and mental balance. Similar to removing the static (stagnant energy)
from a radio station, we “tune” the “dissonance” from our electromagnetic system to create a
deeper state of ease and inner peace.

Tuning Session with Crystal Bowls 
A thorough energetic clearing using the Biofield Tuning® protocol to provide release and
relief of both physical and emotional symptoms, closing with a soothing and serene crystal
& alchemy bowl sound meditation customized to your specific biofield needs to assist in the
continued release and integration of fresh energy flow.

Sonic Meridian Flush 
This specialized Biofield Tuning® technique applies weighted tuning forks on meridian
points to stimulate meridian pathways of the spine, head, face, hands, feet to mobilize
stagnant energy and to aid in restoring vital energy flow. The frequency and vibration of
the tuning forks relaxes muscles, supports detoxification and induces a deep state of

All inclusive Energy Enhancer Premium Session
Receive this full-range healing approach to release deeply-held patterns and move beyond your currentlimits. This session includes a custom Sound Immersive Experience utiliizng a full range of sound-creating tools (crystal & alchemy bowls, drums, elegant chimes, and more.) Clients have reported remarkable shifts in mood, diet and energy, and an unexplainable lightness of being that continues to unfold long after the session.


  •  Non-invasive energy assessment   

  • CranioSacral & Energy Alignment principles in

  • Wellness Counsel

  • Complimentary Self-care Goodie Bag

  • Biofield Tuning® opening protocol

  • Breathwork & visualization

Sonic Sampler
This 30-minute basic Biofield Tuning® Session yields profound benefits with an
initial adjustment of the “Earth Star”(Grounding point) and “Sun Star” (Energy source
point.) We then clear the ”Central Channel” and address any points of
discomfort/chronic pain. Both weighted and non-weighted forks will be used to
providing a full fork experience!

Crystal Bowl Cleanser
Release deeply into a restorative state as you take in the frequencies from the
crystal bowls and chimes. One strike of the crystal bowl releases a pure tone that
sets your brainwave state immediately into alpha state-the first brainwave state of
deep relaxation! 

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