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Naturopathic Family Medicine


Naturopathic Treatment Considerations

Naturopathic physicians take a comprehensive approach, looking at each unique individual’s biochemistry and seeking to regain balance to the body. They are experts in specialized laboratory testing looking at how the body metabolizes, detoxifies and absorbs nutrients and chemicals. In addition to standard bloodwork, hormone testing, neurotransmitter testing and food sensitivity testing all can give more insight regarding the health of the individual.

Common Conditions and the Naturopathic Approach

Cardiovascular Health


Elevated Cholesterol
We know so much more about cholesterol than we used to. It’s not just about high and low, good and bad. Naturopathic doctors use cutting edge laboratory testing, diet and lifestyle evaluation to assess risk of atherosclerosis. Particle testing looks at the damage and stress bad cholesterol puts on the blood vessels as well as how effective good cholesterol is. Cholesterol production testing shows the cause of your high cholesterol. Are you making too much? Are you not clearing it? Dr. Fasullo will tailor a natural treatment plan to the imbalances seen with your lipid profile, including dietary changes and nutritional supplements.

Other Cardiovascular Risk factors
There are many other risk factors to cardiovascular disease that often are overlooked. Aggressive lab testing for hidden inflammation and vessel damage can further reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Help with smoking cessation and improvement on lifestyle choices is also offered.

High blood pressure is a symptom, not a disease. The heart, blood vessels and/or kidneys are under too much stress or else unable to relax. There are many causes for high blood pressure, and therefore many roads to wellness. It is vital to assess your family history, diet, lifestyle, nutrient levels, hormone and stress levels to help balance your whole system. Naturopathic doctors will work with cardiologists and primary care doctors to help ensure quality coordination of care.

Healthy Body Composition
Not all weight loss programs are created equal. Muscle protects the heart and helps balance blood sugar. Body fat causes inflammation and can lead to further imbalance. Dietary sugars and carbohydrates cause weight gain far more than fats do. Naturopathic doctors are trained in evidence based medical diets to reduce weight and body fat, while building muscle and strength.

Health for the Whole Family

Men’s Health
Natural medicine offers many answers to symptoms and conditions that men suffer with. Prostate health, energy and testosterone support as well as cardiovascular health all can be treated naturally, without the use of invasive medications that have side effects or long-term consequences.

From picky eaters to developmental delays, colic in babies to autism, Dr. Fasullo helps parents navigate natural remedies for their children. Addressing nutrient deficiencies, discovering food sensitivities, optimizing their immune systems and helping development can all be done with nutrients and diet. Naturopathic doctors also can treat ear infections and other childhood illnesses with natural remedies to minimize the exposure to antibiotics.

Healthy Aging
Aging gracefully can be supported by natural medicine and lifestyle. Cognition has been shown to benefit from specific lifestyle choices as well as supplements. Maintaining healthy muscles and skin as well as vitality can also be nurtured by evaluating the body’s biochemistry and being sure that nutrients levels are optimal and hormones are balanced.

Healthy Digestion

Irritable Bowel Syndrome can manifest in many ways, from pain to diarrhea and/or constipation or all three. There are many natural treatments that naturopathic physicians can offer to address this common condition. Stress, specific foods, hormones and healthy bacteria can all influence gut health. Dr. Fasullo can test for imbalances, food sensitivities and treat the whole person to help restore balance to the GI tract. Often treatment includes a combination of nutrients, herbs and dietary changes.

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are two conditions associated with chronic inflammation in the GI tract. Often a chronic condition, Inflammatory bowel disease can be helped through diet, supplementation and treating the whole person, including lifestyle and stress as well as hormones and sleep. Naturopathic doctors work closely with gastroenterologists to help tailor treatment plans to help reduce inflammation, prevent flare ups of symptoms and create balance in the body.

Healthy Hormone Balance

PMS and Menopause
Women’s hormones affect every aspect of their lives, from sleep to appetite, mood to libido. When hormones are out of balance, whether a monthly cycle change or a life transition, this can cause disruption for the whole body. Naturopathic physicians test for hormone imbalance using blood, urine or saliva tests. Unlike conventional medicine, naturopathic physician can offer treatment without the use of hormones, such as dietary changes to help reduce estrogen, or supplementation to help the body produce more of a specific hormone on its own. The physician may also utilize plant-based hormone therapy, which is much more gentle than conventional hormone support.

Adrenal and Stress
The small glands that sit above our kidneys are responsible for our response to stress, our adrenal glands. With chronic or traumatic stress, they may become over or underactive. This can be measures through urine, blood or saliva and address with a myriad of vitamins and herbs as well as diet and lifestyle. Cortisol, one of the main hormones from your adrenals, affects many aspects of the body, from weight management to other hormones and sleep.

This sensitive little gland located in your neck is responsible for some very important functions, metabolism being top on the list. The thyroid and how it functions in the body can be altered from malnourishment, stress, poor immune function, environmental toxins, medications and more. Often times, basic conventional labs will not revel thyroid imbalance. Naturopathic physicians are trained to look at the whole picture and help find and address the cause of thyroid imbalance.

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