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Cold, Flu, & COVID Prevention and Treatment

These are some of Dr. Megan Marco’s favorite formulas. Depending on your signs and symptoms, there may be other formulas recommended. Please contact us for specific formulas for you. 860-536-3880 or

Dosage: Increase or decrease according to how strong your symptoms are. 2 tablets to 6 tablets at a time, 2 to 4 times/day.

These are listed by the depth of the respiratory illness, from prevention to first stage of illness to going deeper into the lungs or digestion:

Ilex or Cold Snap – Daily for prevention, use at earliest signs of a cold, runny nose, fever, chills to kill the headcold

Jade Windscreen – Daily for prevention and early treatment, Astragalus formula

Jade Defense Plus -- Body aches, bronchitis, cough, fever, sinus congestion, sore throat, Astragalus formula

Windbreaker Tincture – for kids, daily for prevention, earliest signs of cold, runny nose, fever, chills, Chinese Herbal tincture

Bi Yan Pian – Natural Anti-Histamine for colds, allergies, and skin allergies.

Rapid Rescue – Elderberry and Echinacea at the first signs of feeling under the weather or when you are exposed and at risk. Fast immune boost.

Minor Bupleurem – Kick out the virus, bacteria, or pathogen. Also for seasonal allergies and stress relief. Fever and Chills.

Forsythia 18 – Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat infections

Platycodon – Eye, Ear, Nose Throat infections, Aromatic

Myrrh Tablets – Reduce inflammation and prevent blood clots of organs

Gardenia – Sore throat, throat infections, laryngitis

Belamcanda – Bronchitis, inflammation of the bronchi, cough at the bronchi

Throat & Lung Support Tincture – relaxes the cough reflex

Pinellia 16 – clear phlegmy cough

Chest Relief Tincture – cough, laryngitis, phlegm for kids

Fritillaria & Pinellia Syrup – phlegm in lungs, cough in lungs

Pipe Cleaner Tincture – Bronchitis, Cough, Tenacious Phlegm for kids

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa – thick and minty cough syrup for cough and sore throat

Ping Chuan Wan – any asthma symptoms, wheezing

Open Air Tincture – Acute Asthma, Wheezing, for kids

Deep Breath Tincture – Chronic Asthma, Wheezing, for kids

Rhodiola 8 – any difficulty breathing and to increase oxygen absorption

Wise Judge – dry cough, often the last stage of a cough

Vitamin D – 2000 to 5000 IU per day

Goldenseal – kills staph, strep, viruses, bacteria – strong and effective combine with appropriate Chinese Herbal Formulas

Corydalis – Pain Relief

Six Gentlemen – Calm the digestion, Acid Reflux, Nausea, Diarrhea

Belly Binder Tincture – Indigestion, Diarrhea, for kids

Tummy Tamer Tincture – Indigestion, Gastroenteritis for kids

Intestinal Fungus – Diarrhea, Stomach Flu, Food Poisoning, Kill Parasites

Pulsatilla Intestinal – Leaky Gut, Kill Parasites, Heal the Intestinal Lining

Coptis Relieve Toxicity – Disintegrates viruses and makes them retreat, especially Streptococcus and Herpes, Chicken Pox, Shingles, used for Fevers, Gastritis, Tonsillitis, Bacterial Infections, Abscess, Strep Throat, Tonsillitis

Spiro-X – kills bacteria and viruses, dissolves the biofilm or inflammation barrier that spirochetes encapsulate themselves in, kills Lyme Disease, we are also experimenting with this formula for long term COVID symptoms

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