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Colds, Flu, and COVID Prevention and Treatment

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

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Cold, Flu, & COVID Prevention and Treatment

These are some of Dr. Megan Marco’s favorite formulas. Depending on your signs and symptoms, there may be other formulas recommended. These can all be purchased through our online store and be shipped, stop in, call, or curbside pick-up.

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Dosage: take when you have symptoms. Cold Snap or Windbreaker is for prevention and early stages. Follow instructions on bottle, but increase or decrease according to how strong your symptoms are.

These are listed by the depth of the respiratory illness:

Cold Snap – daily for prevention, earliest signs of a cold, runny nose, fever, chills

Windbreaker – daily for prevention, earliest signs of cold, runny nose, fever, chills, Chinese Herbal tincture for kids

Jade Windscreen – daily for prevention and early treatment

Jade Defense Plus -- Body Aches, bronchitis, cough, fever, sinus congestion, sore throat

Minor Bupleurem – Kick out the virus, bacteria, or pathogen. Also for seasonal allergies and stress relief. Fever and Chills.

Forsythia 18 – Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat infections

Platycodon – Eye, Ear, Nose Throat infections

Myrrh Tablets – reduce inflammation and prevent blood clots of organs

Gardenia – sore throat, throat infections

Belamcanda - bronchitis or inflammation of the bronchi, tickle cough at the bronchi

Throat & Lung Support Tincture – relaxes the cough reflex

Pinellia 16 – clear phlegmy cough

Fritillaria & Pinellia Syrup – phlegm in lungs, cough in lungs

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa – thick and minty cough syrup for cough and sore throat

Ping Chuan Wan – any asthma symptoms, wheezing

Rhodiola 8 – any difficulty breathing and to increase oxygen absorption

Wise Judge – dry cough, often the last stage of a cough

Vitamin D – 2000 to 5000 IU per day - chewable, liquid, or plant-based options

Goldenseal – kills staph, strep, viruses, bacteria – strong and effective combined with any of the above

Corydalis – Pain Relief

Intestinal Fungus – Diarrhea, Stomach Flu, Food Poisoning, Parasites

Click on link for a great video of Dr. Megan Marco explaining the Formulas.

The beauty of Chinese Herbs is that they do the work and kill the bacteria and viruses so your body has energy to do other things. The herbs are your super heroes!

Also coming in for Acupuncture and Massage help your immune system to strengthen. We are here for you! 860-536-3880

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