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Digestive Health: It Starts Here

Did you know that your digestion is one of the most important parts of being healthy?

One of the core principles of Chinese Medicine is to have a strong digestion so that you can absorb the nutrients from your food to have energy, heal, and restore. In addition, when your digestion doesn't feel good, from the inside out, a person usually does not feel good.

In Western Medicine, diagnoses are often given to describe what is going on with a person's digestion, and medications are given to alleviate these symptoms. Rarely, however, is the root cause looked for and healed. The core beliefs of holistic medicine, and especially Chinese Medicine is healing and strengthening your digestion, as well as making sure you are getting the vitamins and minerals, the key biochemicals that help your body perform at its highest level.

When a patient comes in to see Dr. Marco, they often have their Western diagnoses, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, acid reflux, GERD, or perhaps they have descriptions such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating, or stomach upset. As Dr. Marco analyzes all the details of your health, she sees what organs are deficient, excess, or stagnant. Looking at the whole picture of you and the five elements, Dr. Marco gives you an analysis of what the energy in your body is doing, and how we can bring your body, mind, and spirit back into balance to optimal health.

By giving your body specific signals, "by pulling energy into the buttons on your personal circuit board" with Acupuncture, we can tell your body what to do and where to go to heal and get back into balance.

Great homework and biochemistry to work with the Acupuncture is the Chinese Herbs. Specific Chinese Herbal Formulas are prescribed to re-balance you. Some examples of these are: Six Gentelemen Formula, Intestinal Fungus Formula, Pulsatilla Intestinal Formula, and Earth-Harmonizing Formula.

The Foundation to start your day is also important. This is a trio. (1) To give your body the biochemistry for optimal health everyone is recommended the Pure Synergy Multivitamin. (2) To decrease inflammation, prescribed is the Pharmax Fish Oil, the highest quality clean fish oil on the market. And (3) to give your body the probiotics that it is deficient in, the modern probiotic MegaSpore, which includes the five bacteria that people are deficient in, including one that makes serotonin and one that makes dopamine, the happy neurotranamitters.

The best thing to do is make an appointment. These can be done in person or through Telehealth. Call 860-536-3880 or book through MindBody or on our Appointments page.

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