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Prevent, Treat, and Recover from COVID

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

by Megan Marco, LAc (CT), DAc (RI)

1) Would you like to prevent COVID or relapse of COVID?

2) If you have COVID or COVID-like symptoms, would you like to treat and get better quicker?

3) If you are experiencing post-COVID syndrome or symptoms, or want to prevent these, did you know that I can help you with recovery, too?

4) Would you like to be prepared for the vaccine and have herbs for post-vaccine?

I am here for you. I am your expert on treating infectious diseases with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Staying on top of the latest Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine research, I help with all of the above, and I would love to help you, your friends, and family.

I help people who have great fear of getting COVID, as well as those who feel like they are prepared. In addition, I see people with post-COVID problems, including asthma and pain. Post-COVID symptoms can include "persistent fatigue, diffuse myalgia, depressive symptoms, and non-restorative sleep."

I want you all to be empowered. Over thousands of years, Acupuncture protocols and specific Chinese Herbal Formulas have been and continue to be developed that strengthen the immune system, kill viruses and bacteria, and treat the variety of health problems that can come up during and after a viral or bacterial infection. Once I know your health history, through a phone consultation where I can get all the details, I will prescribe and ship the specific Chinese Herbal Formulas right to you.

Because I want to help you the very best possible, I studied and continue to study with the experts in Chinese Medicine, such as Dr. John Chen. His informative talk is published on our facebook page, and here's the link:

Study on the efficacy of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs to treat COVID:

We've all been hearing about the cytokine storm involved in creating the inflammation resulting from COVID. Most of us know that one of the key things that Acupuncture does is reduce inflammation. There is an exciting Harvard study that was just published showing how Acupuncture reduces the cytokine storm. "In the study, acupuncture stimulation influenced how animals coped with cytokine storm—the rapid release of large amounts of cytokines, inflammation-fueling molecules. The phenomenon has gained mainstream attention as a complication of severe COVID-19, but this aberrant immune reaction can occur in the setting of any infection and has been long known to physicians as a hallmark of sepsis, an organ-damaging, often-fatal inflammatory response to infection... Animals treated with acupuncture immediately before they developed cytokine storm, experienced lower levels of inflammation during subsequent disease and fared better."

From my own experiments and experience as well, I have used acupuncture for treatment and recovery and help myself and patients with specific Chinese Herbal Formulas for the the specific stage and symptoms. Before testing was readily available, many people, including myself, experienced the symptoms that people are talking about and experiencing. From the flashes of fever to asthma-difficulty breathing, as well as the daily migraines and myalgias that followed. I have used specific Chinese Herbal Formulas, to strengthen my immune system. Using specific herbal formulas, we are able to fight viruses, strengthen Qi, reduce the inflammation in your body, and be free of symptoms and their aftermath.

So that I can help you, your friends, and family, please come in for an Acupuncture and/or Chinese Medicine appointment or have a Chinese Medicine phone / Telehealth consultation. For our Center’s COVID standards and policies, please see our homepage at

I care about you, and I am here for you. 860-536-3880

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