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St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans: Which Herbal Formulas can Cure Your Hangover!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! 🍀 Let's be honest, we all know that some of us are going to wake up tomorrow with a hangover the size of Ireland. But

fear not, my friends, because we've got some tips to help you survive the aftermath of this weekend's shenanigans!

First off, drink plenty of water to rehydrate, and add a slice of lemon or lime to help with absorption and flavor.

Next is to take your herbal formulas! Known for their ability to support liver function, detoxify the body, and calm the belly.

  • Corydalis - Pain and migraine/headache relief

  • Six Gentlemen or Ease Digestion - Strengthen digestion so it functions better. Helps with upset stomach and diarrhea

  • DAO Labs- Digestive Harmony - A yummy packet of herbal powder to mix with water that strengthens digestion. (Learn more about it in their blog here)

Next, nourish yourself with cooked warm food to settle your stomach. And finally, just accept the fact that you're going to be a hot mess for the rest of the day. Embrace the green-tinged regret, my fellow party animals, and may the luck of the Irish be with you! 🌈

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