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The Best for Sun Protection, Bug Repellent, Poison Ivy, and Lyme Disease - right here!

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

For all your Summer Needs

Only the very best.

No Chemicals! No Side Effects.

These Work. Purchase here or we ship, and you'll be all set for summer!

1 - Sun Protection Lotion - for Adults & Children

Sun Protection at its Best. Super anti-oxidize your cells so they won't burn. No Chemicals. Allows Vitamin D production. Also use as a moisturizer to reverse sun damage. Bonus: it smells good and makes you look a little bit more tan when you have it on.

2 - Don't Bug Me

Effective bug repellent.

All natural to repel biting insects and soothe itching bites without chemicals!

No toxic DEET.

Safe for kids.

3 - Poison Ivy Relief Spray

Soothes poison ivy itchiness.

A formula to aid in the relief of poison ivy symptoms and chickenpox.