Chakra Balancing

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Stress is often at the heart of many body, mind, and spirit imbalances. When we dwell on something negative, that focus can create a thought form, which can, over time, manipulate well-being in conjunction with other factors, such as age, family history, and environment.

How do we get to the root of our stress, our dis-ease?

René Brinson, LMT, offers Chakra Balancing here at SNHC. Described as "grounding," "heart-centering," and "loving," this modality addresses what's bothering you at the deepest levels.

During this powerful one-hour appointment, she connects with your spirit guides and angels, while also calling in her allies to aid in creating a protective, nurturing healing experience for you. René channels universal energy to open and balance your chakras from a place of love, gratitude, and sincere guidance. Crystals and stones, based on your needs, are used to enrich the treatment.

To read more about René Brinson, please check out her practitioner biography. René's understanding of the body make even the most therapeutic bodywork session a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Follow a one-hour or 90-minute therapeutic massage with Chakra Balancing for the most heavenly treatment.

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