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Stress Relief: It Starts Here

Stress and excess yang are common during the early spring months, so it's definitely no coincidence April is National Stress Awareness Month.

Mother Nature responds to an increase in yang by bringing forth new green growth – her own version of what I like to call "natural acupuncture points."

In humans, Liver Yang Rising can cause anger flare-ups. Liver Fire is continued surfeit yang and is destructive. To be in balance, it's important to free the Liver Qi and go with the flow ... and be a Free and Easy Wanderer.

Ready to release your Free and Easy Wanderer? Licensed Acupuncturist Megan Marco, Naturopathic Doctor Craig Fasullo, and Licensed Massage Therapists Rene Brinson, Tracy Rosiene, Holly Radtke, Beth Augustyniak, and Chelsea Reber Bein are ready to help. They have advanced training, deep intuition, and a profound knowledge of maintaining health, healing, and happiness.

Stress relief starts at SNHC. Call (860) 536.3880 to schedule. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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